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My first speed walking

speed walkers

Hi you all!

This is my first blog about speed walking. Although I truly love to run more than I do walking, sadly, my schedule and the time to fit me in my running gear doesn’t allow me to do that. Luckily, I can still walk a mile and get that same energetic juice that I would feel after every run. It’s been my favorite every since High School and my friends would say that I can really walk faster than they can run. Well, that’s probably given that I have long helps to help me do it =D

My first brisk walk at the office

Everyday, I would normally take the MRT going from Santolan to Gilmore on my way to work late in the evening. One time, out of frustration about my ill physique, I decided to go down a station before Gilmore.

I was contemplating the thought of doing my speed walking as danger might lurk abound my path. I prayed and ask GOD’s wisdom to show me a sign whether I would push thru or not.

As I was contemplating about it inside a jeep on my way to the MRT, a sign came in like news flash. In front of us was a red car with the plate number that said TRI 5xx. So to try I did as that was my sign to go for it.

After going down Betty-Go Belmonte station, a station before Gilmore, I went and traversed all the way towards work and –DAMN! It felt so good. It was only a 15 min work walk but it was all worth it. =D

So how about you, reader, how did this article of mine made you feel? Do you have your own story to tell?

Feel free to make a comment! I’d love to read them.

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